Airbnb cleaning. Is it the guest’s responsibility?

Airbnb cleaning
Airbnb cleaning

Nowadays, almost everybody chooses to rent an Airbnb for their vacation. And it comes as no surprise because it is usually cheaper than hotels. Most hosts would charge their guests with a cleaning fee. And then a question arises. Is it the guest’s responsibility to clean the housing after themselves? Or should they just pay for a cleaner and leave without having to deal with that? Well, most certainly you won’t be able to clean as well as one professional cleaner would.

Several possible scenarios

There are several possible scenarios when it comes to paying for your stay at an Airbnb and the cleaning fee. Some hosts clean by themselves after a guest has left their accommodation and they don’t charge for the cleaning but that would be a small number of hosts out there. Others will ask you for money for cleaning, but they would still clean by themselves. They value the time they are going to spend on cleaning after you, so that the next person to stay, would be in one clean environment.

Hire professional cleaning agencies

Airbnb Cleaning – What to Clean Every Day

The hosts that hire professional cleaning agencies for their accommodations, usually charge a little bit more for the cleaning fee. That’s because they have to pay other people to come in and do it professionally, and they also have to restock their cleaning and other supplies and prepare for the next guests.

As a guest, you can always tidy up a little, take your trash out, and other basic stuff like those. But surely, you won’t be able to disinfect without the proper cleaning solutions and equipment. That is why you are being charged with a cleaning fee when you use an Airbnb. It goes between 20-100 pounds.

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