How to: preparing the children’s bedroom for the end of tenancy cleaning

Moving out is mostly connected with a lot of stress and trouble. It takes too much time and preparation.

But it’s also fun, especially for the little ones, because children are easily getting bored: they want something to be happening at every single moment, they want something to be changing, and switching places, moving out and in, is in the most of the cases a wonderful experience. They run in and out, standing in their parents’ way, talking about their own problems, but noticing that there’s something interesting happening around. They are not the main personages for once in their lives, but they are feeling important and are always ready to explain all your friends and family members about the end of tenancy cleaning and the move out.

So now it’s time to prepare their room for the after tenancy cleaning and they are a little skeptical about you deciding what to do with their stuff. Kids don’t like being treated like they cannot do something by themselves.

And they can’t, so follow these steps:

Make them part of it

Now it’s time to make them take up the idea seriously. Tell them that their participation is of great importance and that without their help there’s no chance the cleaning to be done. In this way they will do their best, trying to act like adults, instead of just impeding your work, screaming, running, throwing things, being angry about the fact that they are not the center of attention.

Start with the toys

Well, that would be their favorite part of the cleaning, so here give them more freedom. Prepare boxes and at the beginning explain them what they have to do. For instance, put all the plush toys in one box, all the dolls in another, the cars in a third one and so on. If you believe that there are toys that your children never use and that there is no need they to be transported in your new home, make sure that you will pack them before the kids start participating in the cleaning, because as we all know, they don’t like saying good-bye to some of their own belongings.

Sort the clothes

May be that’s what you could do while they are going through their toys. Seize the opportunity to be in the same room, but to do something different. Sorting the clothes is seriously not a big deal, but you better pay attention and separate the small ones in another box.


Now it’s time to decide what to do with the clothes and toys you are not going to take in your new flat. The easiest part is to give them to some of your friends and relatives who have a child smaller than yours. You have bought all these things with desire and you seriously don’t want to throw them away. So if you cannot find the right person, you can always give them to charity and help people in need.

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